Employers Reveal The Weirdest Sh*t People Have Done In Job Interviews


Interviews can be pretty stressful environments, and many people crack under the pressure.

Now usually it’s by stumbling over their words, or forgetting the interviewer’s name, but Reddit has revealed some much weirder interviewee answers.

There were a surprising number of entries saying that candidates wanted to bring their mums, wives and girlfriends into the interview room…why?!

Why would they hire you after this?

Who has a ‘small line of coke over lunch’? This isn’t the Wolf of Fucking Wall Street.

So many people ask whether there is a drugs test!

Of course you’re not supposed to lie in interviews, but there is a such thing as being too honest…

Don’t tell them that!

‘A friend of mine’…

Face-palm. She has ‘excellent poofreading’ skills…

This person forgot to alter their default cover letter, but claimed good ‘attention to detail’…

Then there is just plain inappropriate!

Since when does flirting with the interviewer work?

Cowboy hat and a wife beater…not the best combo.

Now I don’t understand why this one was on the list. I would definitely hire a guy who put a warning about their ‘explosive experience’ on the front of their CV.

Reading some of these has definitely been a bit of a confidence boost for me.

Suddenly my answer of ‘giving you a promotion’ when asked ‘where do you see yourself in five years’, doesn’t seem so bad.