Enormous 12-Foot Bed That Sleeps 5 People Goes On Sale

Ace Collection

Ever felt there’s just not enough room in your bed, that maybe you wanted to fit say three or four more people, then rejoice because there’s a bleeding big bed available almost double the width of a king size.

As someone who does not have a queue of people lining up to jump in the sack this comes as depressing news, but as the Ace Collection’s Ace Family King Size Bed measures 12-foot wide, I’m going to need a new apartment before I put my order in.

Maybe a housewarming party would be a good use for a 12ft bed – your imaginations can fill in the blanks as to what you could get up to in one of these.

Ace Collection

Maybe a new apartment and a house party isn’t such a good idea because one of these beds will set you back £1,855 ($2,500) for the frame and £2,040 ($2,750) for the mattress *gets calculator* just shy of four grand – £3,895 to be roughly precise.

Yeah, there’s no chance I can cover that on my salary.

Still, one can dream, and think of all the awesome sleeps you could have in this boat of a bed. You could set up a fort and get lost in there for weeks!

Ace Collection

The bed has been designed – scratch your dirty minds – for families so mum, dad and the kids can all snuggle up and watch telly on Sunday morning. Co-sleeping, apparently.

Well, for our generation completely screwed by the housing situation, maybe there’s an idea in that. You can pay to join me in my sleeping co-op.