Everyone’s Asking The Same Question About Justin Bieber’s Latest Photo

Justin Bieber/Instagram

Justin Bieber’s recent Instagram photo has received a barrage of comments about his new upper-arm tattoos, but his fans also questioned what was on his lap.

The 23-year-old singer didn’t leave much to the imagination in terms of his body, but he had a mysterious book on his lap, which everyone wanted to know the title of.

The photo was captioned ‘Wowza’ and received over six million likes and hundreds of comments asking about the novel.


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The Instagram post appears to show Justin Bieber on a private jet, sans top, holding a fist in the air while reading a book.

The two columns in the book would hint it was a Bible and many fans asked whether it was in fact ‘Bible’ or a ‘Quran’.

Most people thought it was a Bible, with one commenter writing:

So happy and proud of you that you love God and his son Jesus, I hope your mom is so proud of you, you can lead so many, God Bless.


Another commenter wasn’t as pleased at the news and wrote:

Noooooo Justin no ask A LOT of questions and dont settle for answers like ” only time will tell” “god didn’t intend for us to know” not literally ” ” not important ” or ” ill get back to you” make sure your readings agree with YOUR understandings.

Do not take in any info UNLESS RESEARCHED BY YOU.

There have been numerous signs Justin Bieber has been headed in a more religious direction after he revealed his song Purpose was all about God.

Justin Bieber has also been inseparable with Pastor Carl Lentz – who looks a bit like Adam Levine and Diplo.

The pair have been practically attached at the hip for several years, with Lentz reportedly eager to turn the endlessly searching Bieber into the Tom Cruise of their controversial hipster megachurch.

Completely unrelated to the holy book and tattoos, one practical commenter said:

I’ve never been on a plane warm enough to take your coat off, let alone shirt….guess that’s private jet travel?

He makes a good point.

This isn’t the first photo of Bieb’s which has made his fans question his antics.

The singer’s bathroom mirror selfie concerned fans, who spotted a pretty strange item on the side.

He probably didn’t mean to leave it on the side as he was more focused on fitting in the vast gothic collage he’s had inked onto his torso.

It was in fact the spoon in the bottom left of the photo taking centre stage, leaving a few commenters worried about why it was there.

Commenters wrote:

Why does he have a little spoon in the bathroom?

Why is there a spoon in your bathroom?

Also, a weird black residue?

Justin, why do you need a spoon ?

Instagram user solliiiiii responded saying; ‘heroin’.


Justin used some of the time off from his cancelled Purpose world tour to add to his 60 plus tattoos with his most dramatic piece yet.

Most fans don’t approve of his body being covered up and it has something of a Cheryl Cole bum tattoo circa-2014 vibe.

Other say it’s an unholy thing to do.