Everyone Is Convinced Kurt Cobain Predicted President Trump In 1993



A meme has gone viral, with obscure claims, that Kurt Cobain predicted that Donald Trump would become president, from as early as 1993. (Say what?!)

It all kicked off, when an image was posted earlier this year, on the ‘Trump Train,’ a pro-Trump Facebook page, claiming that the ill-fated Nirvana frontman, back in the nineties, once endorsed the wispy haired-tyrant, as someone who could be ‘right for the people.’


Ok… Surely that’s not something the legendary grunge icon would say?

Here’s the offending meme:


Hmm. Sounds dubious. Especially as there was absolutely no information whatsoever about where, how and in what context the singer said it in.

Odd. Very odd and seemingly very unlikely that Cobain should predict such a thing, of all the business people in America, so long ago, when Trump was arguably, relatively unheard of, (or at least less famous than he became two decades later.)

8567813820_32b8aa4810_bGage Skidmore

Snopes did some investigating and have now stated these bizarre, unsolicited rumours that have taken the online world by storm, are without a doubt…



Total and utter bollocks.

During their digging, the hoax-busting site found no record of the rocker ever saying anything like that, ever, i.e. he never mentioned anything of the sort in any interviews, TV appearances or during his gigs.


Amongst other things, they discovered that the image was created a long, long time after Cobain’s death and rather stupidly, the creators gave the game away by misspelling Kurt’s name, calling him ‘Curt.’



Snopes are quick to point out that, although they cannot say 100% categorically say that Cobain never uttered this statement under any circumstances, it does severely question the legitimacy of that image.


Case closed.

Another internet-myth lampooned.

And I for one am relieved.