Ex-Scientologist Claims Tom Cruise ‘Personally Punishes’ Church Members

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Maybe it’s because his films are (mostly) just so darn watchable, but for some reason we often forget that Tom Cruise is a Scientologist, and Scientology seems to involve a lot of strange goings on.

Though plenty of rumours have been swirling around about the religion that was literally made up by a science fiction writer, we have also heard stories from ex-members of the church.

Whether they are to be believed or not, the stories from ex-members are stacking up and, as is to be somewhat expected, they aren’t exactly positive.

Now, one Scientology whistleblower has opened up about Cruise’s role in the church, the actions of its infamous leader David Miscavige, and the alleged abuse that goes on within its ranks.

Leah Remini, best known for her role as Carrie Heffernan in The King of Queens, quit Scientology in 2013. Since then, she has been a vocal critic of the church, even publishing a book titled Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, as well as hosting the Emmy-award winning series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

Recently, Remini spoke to The Daily Beast about the organisation, the alleged abuse that occurs, and particularly Tom Cruise’s role in it.

She said:

Scientologists are told that Tom Cruise is saving the world single-handedly, so he is considered a deity within Scientology. He is second to David Miscavige—the saviour of the free world. Tom is even called ‘Mister Cruise’ by staff members.

The actress suggests Scientology members do everything possible to make sure Cruise doesn’t even see anything that could be criticism of the religion, which they dub ‘enemy lines’. They also strongly encourage every member of the church to avoid such material.

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She said:

Scientology goes to great lengths to not allow Tom to see anything disparaging about Scientology. They’ll go so far as, if he’s going to walk a certain place, they’ll make sure there are no magazines that are anti-Scientology, so he can’t see that.

However, when it comes to Cruise’s role in the church and his knowledge of what goes on, Remini said:

I think people think [Cruise is] an innocent victim in all of this. Most Scientologists are, and I can actually say this about most Scientologists because I was in it, so I know my own heart.

Where Tom is concerned, that is very different. He is very aware of the abuses that go on in Scientology. He’s been part of it.

He’s best friends with David Miscavige, so he’s privy to the punishments that David Miscavige doles out, and I’ve been told by a senior executive of Scientology, who was there, that David Miscavige constantly threatened the staff at Gold Base with bringing Tom Cruise to Gold Base to kick their f*cking asses.


The actress also alleged that a Scientology official told her that Cruise had personally doled out punishment on other members himself, after Miscavige ordered him to.

She added: ‘[Tom Cruise] is not in the same category as the average Scientologist.’

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