Extra Long Hot Water Bottles Are Here To Keep Your Whole Body Warm


Extra long hot water bottles exist to make sure every part of your body keeps warm throughout the winter months. 

Hot water bottles are an excellent invention. Whoever thought, ‘let’s take this bag of rubber and fill it with boiling water’ was a genius.

The one issue is, they’re not very long, so you have to choose which part of your body will be rewarded with the warmth – unless you invest in enough hot water bottles to cover your whole body, that is.

Thankfully, Potwells Design have taken the brilliant invention to the next step, creating the hot water bottle 2.0. The company have created extra long hot water bottles, bringing heat all the way from your torso to your toes… if you curl up a bit.

The creations are 75cm long, making them around three times longer than your average water bottle – which is certainly an improvement, especially as we’re thrown into the blustery winds and harsh cold of winter.

These are everything you need for when your partner/parent/roommate doesn’t want to splash out an a high electricity bill by turning the heating up.

The hot water bottles cost £39.95, so they might also be a bit more expensive than your average water bottle, but it’s a lifelong investment – I think it’s worth it.

The website promises the bottles will keep you warm for six to eight hours, ensuring a whole night of cosiness if you take the bottle to bed with you.

It’s like an extra-warm body pillow you can spoon. It sounds luxurious.

The hot water bottles come with cute designs which kind of give away the fact they’re aimed at kids, but adults get cold too, so we all deserve the extra long warmth.

You could opt for Dustin the Dinosaur, Ursula the Unicorn, or Zavi the Zebra as your new favourite thing to curl up with as the temperature drops, and there’s no denying these products are already in high demand.

The website is out of Ursula the Unicorn designs, so don’t hesitate to put your order in and get the kettle boiling!

If the hot water bottle doesn’t quite reach your chilly feet, then you should splash out for this fluffy Proaller Foot Warmer, which is like a tiny sleeping bag for your feet.

Made from soft flannel fabric and equipped with fast heating technology, the foot warmer comes with three different heat settings to keep your feet just on the right side of sweaty, and a two-hour automatic power-off to prevent overheating.

The product description reads:

Both sides are constructed from luxurious ultra plush flannel that is exceptionally durable and warm; the inside soft plush adds extraordinary comfort to your skin.

Only the bottom with heating wires ( for safety concern ) but the soft the thick flannel cover will keep heat inside the pad and make you warmer.

Combining the foot warmer with the extra long hot water bottle is a surefire way to make sure you stay nice and toasty over the winter months!

You might not be able to move very far once your feet are wrapped up and the hot water bottle is firmly clasped to your body, but as long as you can reach the remote and some food easily, I think you’ll be all set for the Christmas season.


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