Extremely Tall Guy From Brazil Denied Driving Licence For Not Fitting In The Car

by : Emily Brown on : 18 Feb 2020 15:23
Extremely Tall Guy From Brazil Denied Driving Licence For Not Fitting In The CarCEN

Brazil’s second-tallest man has repeatedly been prevented from getting a driving licence because he’s too big to fit in the car. 

Denis Albino has actually been able to drive for more than 25 years, after initially learning in 1994 when he was 21 years old.


However, despite multiple attempts to obtain a licence, he is always deemed to be too tall for the vehicle he uses for the driving tests.

Brazil's second tallest man is too big for carsCEN

The 47-year-old stands at the dizzying height of 2.26 metres (7′ 5″) – for reference, that’s the same as 14 six-inch Subways, plus one with a bite taken out of it. Brazil’s tallest man, Joelison Fernandes da Silva, reportedly stands at 2.33 metres (7′ 8″).

Albino needs a vehicle to travel to shows and TV performances, in which he shows off his huge stature, but no matter how many times he attempts to pass his driving test, he continues to be denied his licence.


Not only has Albino been told he is too tall for the car at his driving test, but with size 52 shoes it’s also been claimed his feet are too big for the car’s pedals – size 52 is the equivalent of a UK size 18, or a US size 19.

Brazil's second tallest man posing with childCEN

Four years ago, Albino attempted to solve his car-fitting problem by buying a Volkswagen Parati and pushing the driver’s seat back 10cm, so his legs had more room to extend as he operated the vehicle.

However, even with the alterations, the tall Brazilian still would have had to drive around with his head touching the roof. He might be more comfortable in a convertible – if he ever gets his hands on a licence.


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Albino has resorted to driving without a licence in the past, though this has landed him in trouble with police.

Thankfully, though, it seems law enforcement has been quite sympathetic to the struggling man’s situation, as Albino explained:

Every time I was pulled over, they listened to my story and helped.

Brazil's second tallest man is too tall for carsCEN

Albino’s height-related problems aren’t limited to the car though, as he also finds himself struggling to fit in plane seats.

Speaking to local media, he explained:

I always have to book a seat by the emergency exits where there is space for my legs, otherwise I cannot fly.

Hopefully Albino will find some way of getting his licence soon enough, but until then at least he can rely on his long legs and big feet to help him get from place to place quickly.


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