Face Mask Gun Holsters Are A Thing Now And People Don’t Know What To Think

by : Lucy Connolly on : 07 Sep 2020 13:51
Face Mask Gun Holsters Are A Thing Now And People Don't Know What To ThinkFace Mask Gun Holsters Are A Thing Now And People Don't Know What To ThinkMsLisaHendricks/Twitter

In recent years, it’s become apparent that some people are willing to do literally anything to show the world just how much they love guns.

From sharing pictures of themselves online pointing loaded guns at their d*cks – something which unsurprisingly led to one man accidentally shooting himself in the balls – to the actual President of the United States blaming everything but gun control for mass shootings, it really doesn’t seem to matter to such people whether this comes at the detriment of themselves or others.

Now, gun enthusiasts have come up with yet another way to show their love for guns while appearing to protest against face masks, with a number of photos of men wearing mask holsters being shared on social media.


Although it’s unclear where the photos were originally shared, gun violence prevention advocate Lisa Hendricks posted them on Twitter on Saturday, September 5, alongside the caption: ‘Apparently now mask holsters are a thing. What could go wrong?!’

Indeed, what could go wrong? Oh, I don’t know, but in both pictures the gun is pointing directly at the man’s chest and a major artery, meaning an accidental discharge caused by even the slightest movement could result in serious injury or most likely death.

Obviously, the world of Twitter had some opinions on the matter, mainly: what the hell is going on; why on Earth do these men think this is a good idea; and for God’s sake don’t we all have enough things to worry about?


‘That seems… impractical,’ one person wrote, while another said: ‘That’s gotta be one of the most dangerous misfire/accidental fire positions for a pistol that I’ve ever seen.’

One person tried to get to the crux of the strange behaviour, writing:

This isn’t responsible firearm use; this is exhibitionism. You are looking at a full-on kink proudly displayed to the public because that person gets off on the discomfort it will create in others.


Another person couldn’t wrap their head around the ‘stupidity’ exhibited in the photos, writing: ‘I cant wait until Mars is available for me to live [on].’ Same, random person on the internet, same.

Others suggested the men in question were wearing the mask holsters to ‘own the libs’, suggesting the thought process that if they have to wear a face mask against their will, they’re going to make a statement about their beliefs in the process.


If this is the case, then The Daily Show pretty much predicted it with a parody video on the subject in June, in which a satirical ‘gun mask’ for ‘red-blooded Americans’ was advertised.

‘Finally, a compromise for tough guys who don’t want to wear masks,’ the show wrote alongside the video, which played on the idea that the only way anti-maskers could be convinced to wear a mask would be if it also functioned as a gun.


Ah, don’t you just love it when parody becomes reality? What a time to be alive.

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