Failed Suicide Bomber, 15, Reveals What Life In ISIS Is Really like

by : UNILAD on : 18 Dec 2016 18:00

A failed 15-year-old ISIS suicide bomber has revealed how he was brainwashed everyday at secret child terror camps.


Mahmoud Ahmed was ordered to walk into a football stadium in Kirkuk, north of Baghdad in August this year, and the video of armed police tearing at his clothes to remove explosives shocked the world.

Speaking from a Kurdish youth detention centre, Mahmoud told Sky reporters how fighters had promised him rewards in heaven after his death.

Mahmoud, who was given the new identity of Abu Musab by ISIS, said:


Twenty-four hours a day they’d teach us about this stuff. There were 60 of us born from 2002 onwards.

They would scare us and would show videos of beheadings and stuff like that.

He and the other ‘cubs of caliphate’ were taught how to fight, use weapons, and were given intense religious indoctrination.

Then the recruits, as young as 11, were split up into two groups – one for military operations and another for suicide missions, the Mirror reports.


At the time of the incident, Mahmoud claimed that ISIS soldiers kidnapped him, strapped a belt to him and ordered him to detonate it in the football stadium.

When he walked into the stadium, he was being ordered by an older teenager called Dureed to blow himself up.

Mahmoud said he ‘was hesitating’ and ‘there was something inside me that was resisting. I couldn’t do it’.


He described being caught by security officers as a bit of a relief, but he now faces a 10-year-sentence after trial.

The man who runs the detention centre where Mahmoud is being held said his chances at normal life is very slim.

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    Failed ISIS suicide bomber, 15, reveals life inside secret terror camps where warped leaders brainwash children