Famous Weather Girl Set To Make An Unexpected Career Change


A controversial weather girl, who’s more known for her FF-sized breasts and risqué outfits than her forecasts, could be set for an unexpected career change. 

Larissa Sladkova, famous for her, erm, assets as well as her weather forecasts, has decided to give the political game a go – by putting herself forward as a candidate in local elections.

Sladkova is hopeful of standing for the Russian Party of Pensioners in south-central Russia’s Chelyabinsk Oblast region, The Mirror reports.

Her name made the list of proposed nominees and has now been sent for the approval of national leaders in the country’s capital of Moscow.

detail_4bc1d5b5443991dd00937af63fcf8b3eLarisa Sladkova

Outlining her credentials, she said: 

I am a person like anyone else. Why can’t I do politics? I have all the right skills for it. I am smart enough and my weather forecasts don’t mean anything.

Sladkova explained by standing for this party, she wanted to defend the rights of elderly people, adding: “These are the most disadvantaged people in Russia. I have to start thinking about my retirement as well.”

Well, there’s no denying the Kremlin would be a much more interesting place with her about…