Justin Bieber Fan Leaks Weird Fetish Snapchat Conversation She Had With Him


A series of photos allegedly showing Justin Bieber talking to a fan on Snapchat about his feet has leaked online.

The images, which appear to show Justin Bieber sat in a bedroom, show the singer starting an innocent enough chat.

He begins the conversation with the perfectly normal ‘so tireedddd’… nothing wrong with that, right?


But things escalate pretty quickly, and before long the conversation turns to talk of feet licking and foot rubs.

The series of pictures only appear to show Justin, and not the fan, but you can almost imagine the creepy messages coming up on his phone.

When he allegedly responds to a message with ‘Yeah my feet hurts [sic], why you ask?’, you just know the fan was creeping.

Justin BieberFacebook

At one point the fan even asks what socks Justin is wearing.

The origin of the pictures are unknown, so take all of this with a pinch of salt.

But it sure does look like Justin, and if the messages are edited, they’re edited extremely well.

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Not sure who’d really leak a conversation between them and Justin and burn all trust forever, but then again my logic – along with my socks – is now out of the window.

This all comes after Bieber had his nudes leaked as a result of a hack on Selena Gomez’s Instagram account.

The posts were quickly deleted when the account was pulled down but the damage was done.

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It would appear there is a bit of a market for this obsession with Justin Bieber and his feet and armpits. There is even an Instagram account set up solely to worship those particular parts of his body.

Bieber has also been in the news recently for his newfound faith, with rumours circulating that he is starting his own church.

Those claims are as yet unfounded.