Fans Fuming YG Asked Three-Year-Old Daughter To Smell A Bag Of Weed

by : Tom Sanders on : 11 Nov 2019 12:57
Fans Fuming YG Asked Three-Year-Old Daughter To Smell A Bag Of WeedFans Fuming YG Asked Three-Year-Old Daughter To Smell A Bag Of Weedgidifeedtv/Twitter

It’s been a weird week for rappers on social media.


In between T.I.’s bizarre claim that he regularly takes his daughter to the doctor in order to inspect her hymen, and Kanye West’s latest declaration that he’s planning on running for president in 2024, YG has managed to spark outrage after posting a video of himself handing his three-year-old daughter a bag of marijuana and asking her to smell it.

In a since-deleted clip on Instagram, the Compton rapper is seen lifting a large bag of marijuana out of a drawer and handing it to his young daughter, before asking her what it smells like.

‘Harmony, what’s that?’ he asks as he hands her the bag.


‘Broccoli,’ she innocently replies.

YG then asks her what the bag smells like, to which she once again replies by saying ‘broccoli’, which causes the rapper to start laughing.

Although weed is legal is California the video nevertheless managed to spark outrage on social media, with many people shocked that the rapper would expose his daughter to drugs at such a young age.

Some even commented that the rapper’s actions could get him into trouble with Child Protection Services.


But others defended YG’s actions and claimed that it was his right to raise his daughter however he wants. Some found it funny and others noted that his actions wouldn’t even be considered unusual in some parts of the world.

YG has yet to respond to the video’s backlash.

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