Fans Say Hong Kong Actor ‘Hasn’t Aged A Day’ Since Shooting To Fame In 1973

by : Emily Brown on : 26 Nov 2019 13:33
Fans Say Hong Kong Actor 'Hasn't Aged A Day' Since Shooting To Fame In 1973Angie Chiu/Weibo

Fans of a 65-year-old actor are baffled by her youthful looks, as she doesn’t appear to have aged since first rising to fame almost half a century ago. 

Hong Kong actor Angie Chiu has ruled the screen for 45 years after taking fourth place in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant at the age of 18.


Throughout her life, she’s raised three children while also starring in numerous TV shows, portraying Zhou Zhiruo in famed martial arts series The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Saber and starring alongside Chow Yun-fat in The Bund, a period drama that went on to be branded as ‘the Godfather of the East’.

Fans of Hong Kong actor shocked by youthfulnessAngie Chiu/Weibo

After getting married she shifted her focus from Hong Kong to mainland China, and appeared in films, TV shows and entertainment programmes. So it’s safe to say she’s had a busy life.

Chiu celebrated her 65th birthday this month but it would be easy to mistake her for someone much younger, as despite dealing with marriage, motherhood and stardom she’s retained an incredibly youthful look, so much so fans have branded her as the ‘ultimate age-defying goddess’, the MailOnline reports.


The actor shared photos from her birthday celebration online, in which she can be seen grinning between two candles.

Picture of young-looking actor on her 65th birthdayAngie Chiu/Weibo

Many people would spend hundreds on creams, oils and treatments in an attempt to have skin like Chiu but in fact the actor has said the key to her looks is – in theory – very simple.

She attributed her youthfulness to her regular lifestyle and told the Shanghai Morning Post no matter how late she goes to bed, she always makes sure to sleep for eight to 10 hours a night.


Now, this sounds like a luxurious and simple way to stay young but for most people it’s an unattainable goal. With work schedules, family commitments and social engagements it’s not always possible to get eight hours of sleep a night, let alone 10, no matter how much we’d like to.

Maybe employers should take this story on board and make our working hours shorter to help us stay young?

Hong Kong actor doesn't appear to have aged in decadesAngie Chiu/Weibo

Chiu has also credited her diet for helping her stay in shape, explaining how she tries to keep her meals light. She starts each day with a glass of juice and finishes it with a bowl of soup, though she added she likes to eat rice and noodles too.


She also confessed she would stop eating a meal when she was 70% full, claiming that helped her keep a slim figure. Again, it’s a good idea in theory, but sometimes the food’s just too good to stop eating. We wouldn’t want anything to go to waste, would we?

Hong Kong actor doesn't appear to have aged in decadesAngie Chiu/Weibo

Credit where credit is due; Chiu has done a great job of fighting off the effects of ageing, though if her lifestyle is what it takes then it’s easy to see why we don’t all look like that.

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