Fast Food Addict Lighter Than She Was Aged 10 After Losing Half Her Body Weight


A lifelong fast food addict is now lighter than when she was aged 10 after losing half of her body weight.

24-year-old photo lab assistant Alicia Briggs lived on a diet of McDonald’s, Taco Bell, pizza and ready meals her whole life.

In fifth grade at only 10-years-old Alicia weighed a staggering 198lb but continued to pile on the pounds tipping the scales to 271lb at her heaviest point.


In March 2016 Alicia, from Kansas City, was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome with doctors saying she could be infertile as a result of her condition.

This was a turning point for Alicia who decided to undergo weight loss surgery having a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey.

The $6,000 procedure reduced the size of her stomach by around 80 per cent resulting in Alicia being physically unable to eat the huge portions she used to enjoy.


The surgery helped Alicia slim down from a XXXL to a medium losing an incredible 110lb – she now weighs 160lb, a whole 38lb less than she did aged 10.

Alicia said:

It’s crazy to think that I actually currently weigh less than I did in elementary school.

My mother is overweight and unfortunately she didn’t teach me the best eating habits so I suffered greatly with child obesity and bullying.

As I grew older I ate fast food 24/7. I was in the mindset of, ‘I’m going to be like this forever.’ I thought I was never going to be a success story.

She continued:

I feel like deep down I am the same person now as I was then but when I wake up in the morning my thoughts are different and I’m so much happier.

I always used to hate my body but now I feel I look good.

People are shocked when they see how I look. I’ve even had people from the cool crowd at school reach out to congratulate me.

It’s totally changed my life.


Growing up gorging on leftovers like pizza for breakfast and snacking on cookies throughout the day, Alicia now eats normal portions and has swapped the sugary snacks for nuts and crackers.

Currently saving up for surgery to remove the excess weight she has been left with, Alicia has even set up her own brand ‘Alicia BeWell’.

She added:

I’ve been overweight ever since I was young and in 5th grade, when I was ten, I weighed 198lb.

That’s the first time I remember weighing myself. You line up and go in a classroom and they take down your weight.

My entire class knew and I was at least 100lb more than everyone else.

Children were nasty. They would call me names and say I was ugly and fat and exclude me from games and sports because I was different.

Alicia continued:

I remember that I came home crying one day because a child on the bus had called me fat.

One of my main goals in life is to have kids and hearing that I might have difficulties really scared me.

I decided to have surgery because I felt like it was the best option for me.

I knew it was possible to do it on my own but every time I had tried since the age of eight it hadn’t worked.


Unfortunately when you have weight loss surgery people criticise the way you did it.

But I have spent my whole life being judged and I did what I had to do.

If people come up to me and ask how I did it, I say I tried to change my relationship with food and I’m very open about the fact I have had surgery.

I feel great.

We wish Alicia all the best with her business.