Father And Son Doctors Both Die Of Coronavirus Within Weeks Of Each Other

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 13 Aug 2020 14:53
Father And Son Doctors Both Die Of Coronavirus Within Weeks Of Each OtherFather And Son Doctors Both Die Of Coronavirus Within Weeks Of Each OtherJessica Vallejo/New York Post

A father and son who dedicated their lives to the medical profession died from coronavirus just weeks apart from each other.

Jorge A. Vallejo, 89, and his 57-year-old middle son, Carlos, were both doctors, and both unfortunately contracted the virus. Carlos was an internist while his father was a retired obstetrician and gynaecologist.


Both men were admitted to hospital on the same time day and, while Jorge passed away a few days later on June 27,  Carlos spent 42 days in intensive care before succumbing to the virus on August 1.

Jessica Vallejo/New York Post

The Vallejos family are originally from Guantánamo, Cuba, and moved to the US in 1965. Jorge spent 10 years learning English before becoming certified as an obstetrician-gynaecologist in the States and worked up until his wife’s death in 2005.

Prior to this death, Carlos’s family said the 57-year-old was caring for as many as 76 coronavirus patients – many of whom were in nursing homes – before falling ill himself.


Relatives to Jorge and Carlos told the Miami Herald that five other family members, including Carlos’s wife, had been infected by the virus as well.

Jessica Vallejo/Miami Herald

Carlos’s children have paid tribute to their late father and called him a ‘hero’.

Kevin, 23, Carlos’s youngest son, spoke of his dad, saying: ‘He was just my role model. I could talk to him every day for hours. He was such a giving doctor that if his patients were going through a hard time… he would see them for free and tell them not to worry about it.’


Carlos’s daughter Gisselle, 31, added:

He really was a hero to so many people. I didn’t even want him to go to the nursing home and the hospitals because I was terrified. He wanted to be loyal. It was like he was available for them 24/7. He really was the true definition of a hero. I knew that when COVID started, that he was going to be a hero.

Jessica Vallejo/Miami Herald

Jessica Vallejo, granddaughter of Jorge and niece of Carlos, who is a news reporter, said their deaths have been particularly difficult with her having to frequently report on COVID-related topics.


She said, ‘We just lost basically both of our anchors of our whole entire family. In my eyes, [my grandfather] was the American Dream.’

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