F*ck Getting Married, Look What This Couple Spent Their Budget On Instead

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Couples nowadays generally spend an absolute fortune on planning their wedding and making their dreams of a perfect day a reality – because how can you truly prepare for a life together if you don’t have the right cake?

However, one couple took a completely different tack and decided to say “fuck it” to tying the knot and instead spent all the money they’d saved for the ceremony on an epic trip around the world.

As reported by the Mail Online, Charlie Smith and her fiancé decided to quit the hustle and bustle of city life and sail the seas.

The two had no previous nautical experience but, considering Charlie’s fiancé has dubbed himself ‘Captain’, it’s safe to say this guy has definitely put the work in to become a true sailor. (Seriously though, the pair obviously took a veritable boatload of skipper, sea survival and first aid courses before embarking on their trip).


Charlie, 29, and Captain, 34, sold their home in Jersey, bought a sailing boat with the cash, left their jobs, and they’ve so far managed to sail their way round the west of the Mediterranean, France, Spain, Italy, Elba, Corsica, Sardinia and the Balearic Islands.

Before their trip, Captain worked as an architectural designer and property flipper, while Charlie previously worked as a weather presenter and model.

Nowadays, they generally spend their days sunbathing in hammocks, reading books, listening to music, coming ashore to explore new towns, paddleboarding and snorkelling. We’re totally not jealous at all…

Speaking to the Mail Online, Charlie said:


We had been pondering further travel for years. After years living on building sites the prospect of lugging backpacks around the world sleeping in hostels didn’t seem like the break we wanted. The sailing idea was a way to travel but take our ‘nest’ with us.

It was a risk, we’ve met a few people who have an opinion about taking a career break at this stage of our lives. So many people wait until retirement to go cruising. The way we see it – there is little reward without a little risk. We got engaged in 2013 but so far wedding plans have been put on hold as we spent the wedding budget on a boat!

With a minimalistic lifestyle and anchorage being free of charge, the couple are able to keep their costs low and spend a lot of their time leaping into the sea and generally loving life.

If you want to feel even more envious about how this awesome couple have followed their dreams and are living the idyllic life, you can check out more of Charlie and Captain’s adventures on their website and Instagram page.

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