Female Sniper Laughs At ISIS When Bullet Misses Her Head By Centimetres


Incredible footage has appeared of a female Kurdish fighter, taking on ISIS while on the front-line in Syria.

In the amazing incident, which was caught on camera, a bullet is seen flying just inches past her head.

Instead of cowering in the aftermath, the heroine simply giggles as she narrowly avoids a terrorist’s potentially-fatal bullet.


The young woman, who was situated in Raqqa, was peering from a vantage point above a battlefield.

As the fighter steadies her aim, the bullet flies past her head, smashing into the wall behind where she was stood.

The bullet was just centimetres from killing her according to the Daily Mail.

As if fighting against ISIS wasn’t heroic enough, but woman’s reaction afterwards – she literally laughs in the face of death!

THIS is what you call ‘girl power’.

Instead of recoiling in horror, which would be a perfectly understandable reaction, the fighter simply laughs at the threat – sticking out her tongue before crouching down to talk to those around her.


Hemze Hamza, the journalist who posted the video to Twitter said:

Kurdish women know no fear.

Your average human being would be scared for life after being so close to death but she kept laughing.

The Kurdish shooter is thought to be a member of the all-female fighting group ‘YPG’, who have roughly 7,000 members.


The news comes after it was announced by a U.S-backed operation by Syrian forces to capture Raqqa from ISIS will start in the coming ‘few days’.

The thousands of troops are believed to be ready and waiting to wipe out the terror cult in a daring raid on the jihadi capital in Syria.


Once Raqqa falls, Deir al-Zor province in eastern Syria is said to be the jihadis’ last major foothold in Syria and Iraq.

Forget your Emily Ratajkowski nudes – this is what you call REAL female empowerment!