Fidel Castro’s Grandson Shows Off Wealth On Instagram As He Travels The World

tony castro yacht@tonycastro.u/Instagram

Being the grandson of a divisive, communist revolutionary, can have its ups and downs.

There’ll be people who, y’know, really resent your family for overthrowing a government and arguably becoming dictators in the process. While others will regard them as champions for socialism, anti-imperialism, and securing an independent future for an entire country.

However, as the island nation of Cuba currently suffers a huge economic low  – the average salary is around $31 per month, and basic items such as bread and eggs have become scarce – some people are not too pleased to see Fidel Castro’s grandson, Tony, sharing his lavish lifestyle on Instagram.

Tony Castro has been posting pictures of his own adventures to social media, displaying his considerable wealth, his penchant for fast cars, fancy hotels, and travelling the globe.

However, after his pictures were shared by local media outlets, many people have fired negative comments at the young man, appalled at the disparity between what’s happening in Cuba, and Tony’s affluent adventures.

tony castro on a yacht@tonycastro.u/Instagram

While he may look like just one of the many privileged 20-something-year-olds sharing their swanky lifestyle on social media, many people questioned who’s actually paying for it.

tony castro Barcelonatonycastro.u/Instagram

Tony is known to be a model, so it could be he’s just been working in some lovely locations?

Yet some of his followers were quick to question this.

tony castro Panama@tonycastro.u/Instagram

According to the Miami Herald, the official monthly salary in Cuba is little over $30, bread has to be rationed and coffee has 50 per cent lentils in it to make it last longer.

Taking vacations is a luxury only available to the very few who can afford it.

tony castro Mexico@tonycastro.u/Instagram

Members of the Castro family are rarely seen in public, though Fidel’s son Antonio, and now his grandson Tony, are sometimes seen in local media.

In 2015, Antonio was reportedly seen aboard a luxury yacht off the coast of the Greek island Mykonos. His bodyguards at the time allegedly attacked a Turkish reporter who tried to take a photo of the group.

Tony’s first major public appearance came when he was involved in Chanel’s 2016 fashion show along Havana’s famous Prado Boulevard.

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