Firefighters Apologise For Sharing Image Of Fox Killed By Power Line

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 23 Aug 2019 14:42

Warning: Graphic Content

Firefighters Apologise For Sharing Image Of Fox Killed By Power LineFirefighters Apologise For Sharing Image Of Fox Killed By Power LineConnecticut Fire Department

If you ever needed a reason to stay away from a downed power line, this fire department has given the perfect, yet extremely graphic reason.

Hamden Fire Department has apologised for sharing a gruesome picture of fox who unfortunately met his fate after coming into contact with a fallen electricity cable.

The Connecticut firefighters wrote on Twitter on Tuesday night:

Several down power lines last night from the storm in Hamden.

Unfortunately, a fox wandered near one and was killed instantly.


They apologised for using the photo, but insisted it taught an important lesson:

While we apologize for the graphic pic, it’s a reminder that down power lines are dangerous!

Stay away!

The horrifying picture shows the fried remains of the electrocuted creature while the Earth is scorched all around.

Heavy thunderstorms on Monday meant thousands of homes in the states were left without power. Fortunately, there were no human fatalities reported.

The firefighters had an important message spread, given that overhead power lines can carry more than 500,000 volts. While they are safe for birds to land on, given they are poor conductors and don’t induce a voltage difference, when a power line lands on the ground it’s an entirely different story.

When the line falls to the Earth, the electricity it carries is begging for a body to travel through and therefore any creature which comes into contact with the line will provide the body.


It’s not too rare of an occurrence either.

Somewhere between 300 and 400 people die from electrocution in the United States every year, with another 4,000 more injured. Let’s also spare a thought for the innocent wildlife caught up in the devastation.

Earlier this year, a Thai native met his fate when he was electrocuted while listening to music with his phone charging.


Kritsada Supol, 24, was found dead in his bedroom with his phone still charging and his headphones in his ears. There were signs of burning around his ears, and the microphone section of the headphones was resting on his lips.

Police from the Phan Thong Provincial Police Station in Chonburi, Thailand, who inspected the scene, believe the 24-year-old was electrocuted while using the earphones and charging his phone at the same time.

Wall sockets usually have a much higher output than required for a phone charger. While most chargers are able to convert the voltage correctly, if they are manufactured poorly they can malfunction and potentially send 240 volts through the cables.

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