First Hotel For People Who Weigh More Than 20 Stone Opens

by : UNILAD on : 20 Sep 2017 17:07
Spun Gold / ITV

A hotel in the Bahamas has opened for guests who are over 20 stone and the first reviews are in.


Holly Macgillivray, a plus-size model from Denbighshire, visited The Resort in the Bahamas, which boasts beds and furniture reinforced for their guests, along with wider doorways and a long private beach.

Holly, who is a size 20, first thought the idea was insulting, but after having seen the resort thinks the place is the ideal getaway spot for people who aren’t entirely comfortable with their size.

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It’s understandable why someone who isn’t comfortable with their body might feel self conscious while on holiday – the purpose of this resort is to remove their lack of confidence.


The sun-loungers are reinforced and can hold a sunbather who weighs up to 40 stone.

Holly went to the island with eight other Brits to film the ITV show My 18 to 30 Stone Holiday.

Spun Gold / ITV

She told WalesOnline:

I saw an advert in the newspaper for a TV show looking for British people over 18st.

They wanted people who were unhappy with how they looked, had broken sun loungers or couldn’t fit in plane seats and wouldn’t go on holiday because of their size.

I didn’t fit that mould. I go abroad all the time. I wear bikinis. I can fit in a plane seat.

But I wanted to show fat people are not all unattractive and smelly.

I was the smallest on the show. Some of the others had never been to the beach before.

Spun Gold / ITV

The chairs in the resort measure up to one metre wide and all the beds have been reinforced with steel bars.

There’s also a private five-mile beach for privacy of the guests and a daily buffet where guests can eat whatever they wish.


The hotel is the brain child of James King, who owns the resort – it was designed as a ‘safe haven’ for plus-sized holidaymakers who wish to feel comfortable when the try to catch some rays on the beach.

Spun Gold / ITV

The resort is so dedicated to guests perceiving no judgement, they only take small groups of between two and 28.

In the upcoming show, which airs on ITV on Tuesday, the guests will be counselled on body issues by model Mel Cohen.

Originally, Mel wasn’t sure on the idea either, because she didn’t have an issue with her body.

Spun Gold / ITV

However, it changed when she saw guests who weren’t able to relax properly because of fear of ridicule.

She said:

That place is a necessity for those people over 22 stone. These people are missing out on so much.

Everyone over eats for a problem or a reason. If it was that easy to lose weight there would be no fat people in the world.

Spun Gold

It’s hoped the show will help inspire others to love their bodies and feel more comfortable when on holiday.


Holly added:

Love yourself and just be who you are. Being fat is not the worst thing you can be. It’s just your outer case.

I would rather be fat than a horrible person. I say I would rather have two chins than two faces.

Spun Gold / ITV

What a great hotel for those who feel like they can’t get away without fear of judgement.

The show airs on ITV on October 24 at 9pm.

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