First-Time Mum Shocked As Six-Month-Old Baby Starts Walking

by : Emily Brown on : 26 Apr 2019 19:31
Baby walks at 6 months oldBaby walks at 6 months oldCaters

A first-time mum was shocked to see her baby start walking unaided at just six months old.

Little Freya Minter only popped into the world towards the end of last year, but she’s already impressing her parents, 29-year-old mum Grace, a teacher from Liverpool, and 29-year-old dad, Ryan.


A cute video showed the six-month-old taking a few steps in the garden, where she was strategically surrounded by soft grass in case her feet failed her.

Check it out here:

It looked like Freya was more in it for the bell-covered toy which was being dangled in front of her rather than the glory, but her achievement is still very impressive.


I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t know the first thing about babies. If someone told me it was normal for them to hold a decent conversation about their favourite animals at the age of one, I’d easily believe them.

So if my child started walking at six months old, I probably wouldn’t question it until everyone else pointed out that they were extremely advanced.

6 month old baby walks6 month old baby walksCaters

Though hopefully by the time I had my own child I’d be slightly more clued up about what’s expected of them.


As it turns out, the average age for children to start walking is around one year, making Freya a whole six months ahead of schedule when it came to taking her first unaided steps.

Describing her daughter’s astounding achievements, Grace explained the little girl skipped crawling altogether, and went straight for the much more grown-up action of walking.

She said:


Freya was able to stand up whilst holding on to our fingers for balance, by the time she was four months old.

We could tell she was desperate to walk from then but it wasn’t until she was six months old that it actually happened. Her face was priceless when she took her first two steps, she had the cheekiest grin, Ryan and I couldn’t believe it.

At first, I thought it was a fluke, but then when she continued to walk a few steps here and there, I was amazed.

6 month old baby walks6 month old baby walksCaters

Grace went on to talk about how Freya never fails to impress her audience, saying:

We need eyes at the back of our heads now as she is so quick and always wants to be involved.

It was only when I spoke to friends and brought her to baby groups, I realised that she is so advanced. We are all so proud of her, my family and friends can’t believe it, and neither can we.

She is our first child so we don’t know any different but we’re so proud of her.


Freya is certainly an impressive little girl!

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