First Woman To Visit Every Country Reveals 10 Favourite Places

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This lucky woman has broken the world record for travelling around the globe the quickest and now she reveals her top 10 favourite places. 


Cassie De Pecol from Washington, has smashed the Guinness World Records, for travelling through 196 countries in just 18 months and 26 days.

The 27-year-old is the first and fastest person to travel the world and has now reflected on her incredible journey to pick out her top 1o destinations.

Some of them might make you want to vomit with jealousy, while others may be somewhat of a surprise….

Take a look from the bottom to the top:



This may seem like she’s cheating a little as she’s from the states, but we can’t blame her, it looks fantastic…

Costa Rica

Cassie described the beautiful Southern American country as having ‘Monkeys, fresh fruit, good music, and volcanoes… need I say more?’ No… no you don’t Cassie.



Cassie recalled the stunning Inca site of Machu Picchu as being one of her most favourite places in the world.



It’s easy to see why the beautiful North African country of Tunisia is up there at number seven, with it’s stunning blue sea and white sands, I’m not quite sure why she left…

Oman, Arabian Peninsula

Wikimedia/Andries Oudshoorn

Unexpectedly beautiful, the coastal country of Oman looks like another place I wouldn’t want to leave…


undefinedWikimedia/Rida Shah

Long thought of as being a country of turmoil, the beauty and the people are often forgotten…

Vanuatu, South Pacific


It doesn’t take a genius to work out why this incredible place is at number four on Cassie’s list. Just check out those waterfalls…


Number three is hardly a surprise. Cassie is certainly not the first or the last person to fall in love with the jaw-droppingly beautiful, tropical islands in the Indian ocean.


I have to be honest, Bhutan is not a country I knew much about (if anything at all) but after seeing these stunning snaps, I can definitely see why it’s Cassie’s number two.



Perhaps an unusual choice for her number one top spot, but still spectacular nonetheless. Cassie captioned one of her photos with ‘To be immersed in the remote wilderness and to ride the wild horses.’

Sounds like heaven.

Not envious of her at all…

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