Flat Earthers Think The Solar Eclipse Proved Them Right

by : UNILAD on : 25 Aug 2017 17:45
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You’d have to have been living under a rock for the past week to not know about the solar eclipse a couple of days ago.


But you’d have to be living under an even bigger rock to actually think the solar eclipse didn’t happen because the Earth is flat.

These flat-earthers are actually convinced, for some unknown reason, NASA fabricated the whole solar eclipse, because why not?


NASA even posted some pictures of the eclipse, including one with the International Space Station performing the best photobomb of all time.


But the flat-earthers weren’t convinced – they never are – and they like to try and ruin things for everyone else.

Seriously, just look on Twitter, these theories are ridiculous.

One user posted an image of the shadow created by the eclipse, and was not best pleased, though they couldn’t specify why:

The worst thing about flat-earthers – they tell everyone to research how this whole thing is a lie, but can’t provide any reliable, peer reviewed papers in support of their point.

Their theory is impossible to disprove because they claim everything going against their beliefs, is fake.

Take rapper and poster boy for the flat Earth movement B.o.B – he tweeted after the solar eclipse to say he missed ‘real science’:


He also tweeted to say the Moon creates it’s ‘own light’.

While the majority of the population took some profound sense of spectacle and notions of our place in the universe, the flat Earth theorists just weren’t having it.

The reasons why they’re convinced the Earth is flat because of the solar eclipse is because of some weird ‘logic’ I will try and explain below.

Because the Earth rotates from west to east, the flat Earth lot think the shadow will appear to pass from east to west as the Earth moves in front of it.

The fact this didn’t happen apparently 100% proves the Earth is flat. Yep. But what’s worth noting is, the Moon travels too (duh). from West to East – just at a slower pace than the Earth.

So instead of thinking of the shadow passing the opposite direction in which the Earth travels, think of it travelling along with the Earth’s spin at a slower rate, which is why it doesn’t just last a moment but is maintained for a while.

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The second theory is, the shadow of the Moon should’ve been larger than the Moon itself, because if you shine a light behind something, the object’s shadow is often larger than the object itself.

Imagine a torch and a hand – the shadow of the hand on the wall is often bigger than the hand itself.

But this isn’t what’s going on in relation to the eclipse, because The Sun isn’t really comparable to a torch or any other singular source of light.

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The Sun emits light in numerous directions – it’s only the light which is blocked by the Moon missing from the Sky.

The presence of the Moon in front of the Sun also causes a certain amount of refraction around it, which is why the light around the dark Moon is so bright.

So really, the flat earth brigade have just proven themselves wrong with these stupid theories.

Sorry B.o.B.

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