Flight Attendant Reveals The Secret Reason They Really Greet You On Plane

by : Cameron Frew on : 02 May 2021 17:25
Flight Attendant Reveals The Secret Reason They Really Greet You On Planekatkamalani/TikTok

Flight attendants aren’t just being nice when they greet you on a plane, according to a TikToker.

Kat Kamalani (@katkamalani) is a flight attendant who’s recently posted a few videos explaining tips, tricks and more about working on planes and why staff do certain things.


For example, in a recent TikTok, she’s revealed the secret reason why you’re always greeted with a big smiley face as you step on to the plane.

She says: ‘Have you ever walked on the plane and seen the flight attendants standing here greeting you, or the flight attendants walking up and down the aisle? Well I’m about to tell you what we’re really doing.’


She continues: ‘When you walk on the plane and see our happy, smiley face, we’re actually looking you up and down and trying to find our able-bodied people. So this is people who are going to help us in an emergency.’

These people include military personnel, firefighters, nurses, doctors, ‘in case of a medical emergency or we’re going to land the plane or there’s a security breach, we know who’s on our plane and who can help us. But, we’re also looking out for one more thing,’ Kat says.


She explains: ‘Besides looking for things that don’t belong on the plane, like a box of liquid, we’re looking for human trafficking. It happens a lot in the industry and our passengers’ safety is our number one priority, so we’re just looking for things that look off.’

The video has been viewed more than 3.8 million times, with one user writing: ‘Omg when I go back to Australia from UK I’m always in floods of tears, the staff always take [me] aside and question me. They probably think I’m being trafficked.’


Many others have questioned how you could possibly ascertain someone’s occupation by their clothes and general decorum, unless they were military personnel in their uniform. There’s not really been a clear answer, other than some doctors saying they have medical expertise should it be required. It should also be noted, beyond these reasons, they are also greeting you to be nice.

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Kat Kamalani/TikTok
  1. Kat Kamalani/TikTok