Florida Mum Uses $60,000 Monthly Pay From OnlyFans To Make Up For Lost Time With Her Daughter

by : Julia Banim on : 11 Feb 2020 11:27
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A mum from Florida has been able to work her way out of poverty through adults-only subscription site OnlyFans, and is now using her sizeable income to make up for lost time with her daughter.

Stephanie Villagomez, 29, endured a tough start in life, losing her mother at the age of 12 and suffering beatings at the hands of her own father.


To escape this abuse, Stephanie ran away, and was forced to raise herself. There was plenty more upheaval to come, with Stephanie ‘always moving around’ between the houses of her brothers and sisters.

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Fortunately, Stephanie was eventually able to find the right school for her and, despite her personal problems, was able to get her diploma. However, after becoming pregnant at 17, Stephanie faced further struggles.

Sadly, Stephanie’s life began to spiral out of control at this point, resulting in her losing contact with her daughter.


Speaking about how she slowly managed to get back on track, Stephanie said:

I knew I needed to work. I was working two jobs, in restaurants, anything I could find. I’d go to work at 7am, and won’t be back till 10pm.

My daughter wound up living at her grandparents for a whole year – my place was too small – and when I went to work, she’d get really upset and cry.

It broke my heart, she didn’t want to be with me even at weekends because I was always leaving her – she was getting more used to her grandma than me. That’s when I was looking around I saw a job that said ‘bud-tender’.

I didn’t know what that meant, so I asked my brother – he explained it meant working in a weed shop. So I applied.

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Prior to starting her job as a bud-tender, Stephanie had no experience with cannabis, and had to learn the ins and outs of her new trade quickly:


I didn’t know nothing about weed – but I learned. I worked for them for three years, and compared to my past it was the best experience because I wasn’t around mean people – everyone was so chill.

But I did work 14-hour shifts, and six days a week to make decent money.

Stephanie’s life changed once again following a chance encounter with a photographer, who helped her realise she had what it took to pursue a career in glamour modelling.

She explained:

I’m actually a very shy person. But this guy told me to just take photos I’m comfortable with.


It wasn’t long until Stephanie had a dedicated online following, with her Instagram page attracting a phenomenal 1.6 million followers. Stephanie then decided to take things a step further, twigging that she might be able to make cash through OnlyFans.

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Stephanie – who has never had cosmetic surgery – said:

My fans soon wanted more. And now I make 60k a month.

My fans love me for how humble I am. I actually message them back when I can, and like and follow some. I’m super chill.


With such an enormous following, it’s inevitable some more unusual requests pop up, and Stephanie has had her share:

I’ve had plenty of weird asks, like selling my toe pics and my used underwear. The craziest was a man who paid $3k to make me poop for him. It’s embarrassing, but he seemed happy with it.

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Best of all, Stephanie can now spend time and money treating her daughter, making up for the time she’s lost:

I regret all the times I left her with Grandma, and I wish I went to school instead of working long hours. But now that I make this amount of money, all the time I lost, I made up for it.

I love taking her shopping, and doing things I wasn’t able to do in a regular job. We go on trips together, and vacations. Disneyland. We’re going to Hawaii next, my little girl is so excited.

Offering advice to all those who want to follow in her footsteps, Stephanie said:

If that’s what you really want to go for it – and never let anybody discourage you from what you want. I got my life together, you can too. You got this.

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All the best of luck to Stephanie and her daughter as the move forward with their new life together.

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence regarding the welfare of a child, contact the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000, 8am–10pm Monday to Friday, 9am–6pm weekends. If you are a child seeking advice and support, call Childline for free on 0800 1111.

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