Florida Woman Paints Pictures With Her Breasts That Sell For Up To $400

by : Emily Brown on : 02 Apr 2020 12:11


An American artist has turned her breasts into painting tools, and sells her creations for up to $400. 

Chelsea Chavis, who lives between New Orleans, Louisiana, and Fort Myers, Florida, uses almost every part of her body to help her earn a living, and when she’s not working as a stripper, singer or adult entertainer she puts her assets to use on canvas.


The 29-year-old works under the moniker of ‘Heaux’ and creates her vibrant works of modern art by applying paint – a non-toxic variety – to her vagina and breasts before using her body to transfer it to the backdrop.

Artist sat next to one of her creationsJam Press

Discussing how she got into the unique hobby, Chelsea said:

As a woman these days when it seems like all of society is telling us how to feel about and what to do with our bodies, I want to celebrate my lady parts and make something beautiful, humorous, & maybe even a bit shocking with them.

I finally did it and filmed the process to make a funny video for my comedy Instagram and after that I suddenly had six orders for breast paintings, all women!


Chelsea’s creations have only increased in popularity as she continues to share them online, and she’s already had orders from customers in New Orleans, Oregon and Canada.

Alongside the paintings, Chelsea sends her customers some snapshots of the creative process, including a Polaroid and a short video of her painting with every purchase.

Painting created with artist's breastsJam Press

She has canvases available in a variety of sizes and her prices range from $40-$400. Through her artwork, Chelsea hopes her ‘boobs end up all over the world’.


The 29-year-old added:

I’m open to anything that someone wants or they can order something I already have.

Chelsea is conscious of remaining vigilant when it comes to the paint she’s using, and though her paintings haven’t resulted in any skin reactions yet, she admits she’ll ‘have to keep doing research on what the best paint is for sensitive areas in case anything starts to get irritated’.

Artist creating breast painting by pressing body against canvasJam Press

The artist doesn’t limit herself to painting in private, and as she’s ‘always travelling’ Chelsea has made a habit of taking her supplies with her to friends’ houses.

She explained:

I bring all my supplies with me to my friends’ houses (who are all very supportive and think it’s great!) and set up a drop cloth and sit on the floor to do it while spending time with them. I like to make several things at once and sort of see what happens.

I have to have a wet and dry towel ready to take the paint off my body after each application. There was some trial and error to figuring out the best way to do this.

Painting created with artist's breastJam Press

So far, Chelsea’s creations have been fairly abstract, but she’s definitely open to experimenting more in the future.

She continued:

I have been thinking of different foods I could do, like cotton candy, ice cream and cupcakes. I also want to do a series of female and male signs with the head being my breast. I like the idea of planets, cats, & holiday themes.

Abstract paintings are my favourite though, and I’d like to use colours that represent different sexual orientations and gender identities.

I’m going to keep experimenting with painting with my body parts and hopefully do entire body prints on large canvases, I’m interested to see what I decide to do myself.

Artist creates paintings using her breastsJam Press

Chelsea advertises her paintings online, so head to her Instagram if you’re interested in purchasing a breast-painting of your very own.

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