Floyd Mayweather Spends Insane Amount Of Money On Daughter’s Sweet Sixteen


They say “Life Is What You Make It” and to that, I’ll agree wholeheartedly! As I sit here acknowledging how blessed I am to be retired a year shy of my 40th birthday, it’s nearly impossible to say that I am not living the “American Dream”. Without my usual six-pack or muscle tone in sight, I can sit back and get the last laugh, knowing that I put in the “Hard Work & Dedication” to be 49-0. I’m blessed to wake up every morning, certain that my bank accounts are growing. Making 7 figures monthly without moving a finger, just further proves that I’ve made brilliant investments and decisions that allow me to walk away from the ring, comfortably. I’m proud to be a King. Video credit: @greg_larosa_tmt www.themoneyteam.com

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Floyd Mayweather is no stranger to flaunting his insane amount of wealth at any opportunity.

And now the former boxer is at it again, this time for is daughters Sweet 16 birthday party.

TMZ reports that Mayweather spent a seven-figure sum, with the man himself backing this up by saying it was ‘very, very expensive’- I’d expect nothing less from him.


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Iyanna’s 16th birthday began with a barbecue- sounds pretty normal so far, right? Well it’s about to get a bit more surreal.

He enlisted the help of rappers Drake and Future to perform in-front of a couple hundred guests as the party continued on at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas the New York Daily News reports.

It also included a video montage by Mayweather’s mate, Justin Bieber, who had a special message made for the birthday girl.


Considering he’s worth an estimated $300 million, the-dad-of-four probably won’t miss that sort of money too much.

This isn’t the first he’s splurged on his kids either. When his son, Koraun, turned 16 last November, Mayweather bought him a custom-made Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe which cost $55,000 (£38,000).

Happy birthday @KingKoraun Amir Mayweather. Love you, Champ. Follow my son: @kingkoraun

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