Footage Shows Hero Race Against Time To Save Woman From Sinking Car

by : Tom Percival on : 15 Oct 2016 16:42


A woman who accidentally drove into freezing pond was heroically rescued from the icy water by a passerby who dragged her out of her sinking car.

The Mirror reports that a 68-year-old woman accidentally drove her car into Spy Pond in Arlington, Massachusetts.


Thankfully Dan Frazier, without a thought for his own safety sprung into action swimming out to the sinking car. By the time he arrived however both of the driver doors had sank beneath the water by the time he arrived.


A passer-by filmed the dramatic rescue on his phone and Mr Frazier can be seen opening the back door and trying to drag the woman out.

Unfortunately the car sank but Dan’s efforts were rewarded soon after when the woman surfaced. Using a cushion as a flotation device he then manages to get the elderly woman to the shore.


Speaking to CBS he said:

She was very, very scared and had taken in water. She knew she was dying. I mean, she just figured this was it.


The woman in the car was treated for mild hypothermia but wasn’t seriously hurt.


According to police she’d apparently been trying to park the car when she accidentally mounted the kerb and slid into the lake.

Superman would be proud!

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    Woman faces life-and-death race against time as heroic rescuer battles to save her from sinking car