Footage Shows Man’s Gruelling 21-Month Navy Seals Training Regimen

by : Jade Dadalica on : 31 Aug 2021 12:12
Footage Shows Man’s Gruelling 21 Month Navy Seals Training Regimenjacktrainsforsealfit/TikTok

An aspiring Navy Seal has gone viral on TikTok for sharing his gruelling 21-month training regimen.

To become a Navy Seal, it’s no secret you have to go through brutal training, and out of around 1,000 candidates who start the Navy SEAL training programme each year, only about 200 to 250 qualify.


Shedding light on just how tough this training is, Jack, who is pursuing a career as a Navy Seal, has documented his 21 months of rigorous training in a video that has received over two million likes on TikTok.

Kicking off the video in 2019, Jack can be seen yelling in pain as he lays in an ice bath to build stamina for lower temperatures after attempting the rigorous cold water exercise that all Navy Seals must make it through.

Jack can then be seen working out, performing pull-ups, sit-ups and lifting weights while being blasted with freezing water. However, Jack is then forced to quit the Kokoro training he has been working towards (a 50-hour programme modelled off the Navy Seals’ infamous ‘hell week’) due to a back injury, but this setback does not discourage him.


In the video, Jack is seen attending rehab for his back injuries, which has forced him to restart his training. Despite the hurdle, Jack recovers quickly, and his second effort at the gruelling Kokoro training sees him fighting harder than ever as he works with other aspiring Navy Seals to demonstrate mental toughness, emotional resiliency and superior team skills.

Jack finally passes his training at Kokoro on July 18, 2021, after a long 21 months, serving as an inspiration to others who desire to follow in his footsteps.

The caption on the video speaks for itself, ‘Never, ever quit.’


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