Fortnite Searches On Pornhub Go Up 824% In Two Weeks

Epic Games

Apparently, searches on Pornhub for the online game Fortnite have increased by a huge 824 per cent in the last two weeks.

We also have a very particular person to thank for that: Drake. A couple of weeks ago, the rapper played a live game on Twitch against Ninja, which promoted the game to scores of people around the world.

The statistic comes courtesy of Polygon, who got in contact with the adult film site to see whether the increased media attention surrounding the game had any effect on the searches on their site.

Well, according to the company’s insights team, it definitely did. They said:

Fortnite’s biggest search increase occurred on March 15 after Drake played the game live on Twitch.

Not only did it break records for concurrent Twitch views, it caused searches on Pornhub to increase 824 per cent above average.

That is an awful lot of people who are wanting to look at a Battle Royale game while getting their rocks off, but who are we to judge?

These weren’t the only searches for gaming titles which were popular, according to the company’s insights teams, oh no.

Among some of the other most popular searches were Overwatch and Team Fortress 2, as well as Minecraft, Pokemon and Rainbow Six Seige. Obviously, PUBG was in there as well.

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The insights team also provided an interesting breakdown of the stats surrounding Fortnite searches, and found out – shock horror – that male visitors were 136 per cent more likely to search for Fortnite than women.

They also found that visitors aged 18 to 24 were 361 per cent more likely to search for Fortnite when compared with all other age groups.

Visitors on iOS-based devices were 77 per cent more likely to search for Fortnite since the game has been released on mobile than they were before.

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In terms of the break-up of search by US state, Kansas is the one which seems to have the largest affinity for the online game.

States who aren’t so keen on the game include those in D.C., Mississippi, Hawaii, Vermont and North and South Carolina.

This is just one of a bunch of other measures which prove Fortnite is incredibly popular, though to be fair this is a different kind of popularity.

Epic Games

In purely fiscal sense, the game is also very successful; the iOS version made Epic Games $1.5 million in just four days.

The game made such a fortune because of in-app purchases, which totalled $1 million in the first three days alone.

The purchases were made to enhance the characters with better outfits, transport or weapons, so it’s completely understandable why gamers would want to use the purchases to improve their gaming experience.


But what is absolutely mind-blowing is that this amount of money was made as a result of purchases from people who already owned the game on console.

These staggering figures were achieved when the game was only available to those who owned the game on console and were invited to the iOS version in the BETA stage.

No doubt the game is set to make even more money in the future, and rack up a few more Pornhub searches in the process.