Four-Year-Old Is Mum’s Birth Partner And Helped Deliver Baby In Lounge

by : Cameron Frew on : 06 Dec 2019 12:29

Warning: Contains Images And Footage Of Childbirth 

Four-Year-Old Is Mum's Birth Partner And Helped Deliver Baby In LoungeFour-Year-Old Is Mum's Birth Partner And Helped Deliver Baby In LoungeBadass Birth Photography

April Wild’s third pregnancy wasn’t traditional: it was a free birth, in a pool, with her four-year-old daughter by her side. 

The mum-of-three had her first child in hospital and her second at home. For her third, she had a very clear idea of what she wanted.

‘For me I just wanted my husband, family, a photographer and a doula,’ she told The Huffington Post. Now, thanks to her account and Badass Birth Photography, we’re able to glean an invaluable, further insight into the miracle of life.

You can see April’s free birth below (warning: graphic content): 


Unassisted home birth: mother sharing birthing pool with daughter

The free birth of baby Grayson: A wonderfully peaceful unassisted home birth where mummy shared a birthing pool with her 4 year old daughter.

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Prior to giving birth, April had been doing her research. As a teacher of hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga, she believes in ‘the power of visualisation’. The key thing, above all else, was to ‘be in a calm environment with people around who make me feel safe’.

A free birth is childbirth at home or elsewhere without the presence or assistance of a healthcare professional – it is legal in the UK and is becoming increasingly popular in the US.

Badass Birth Photography Mum and Daughter 2Badass Birth Photography Mum and Daughter 2Badass Birth Photography

At 41 weeks, this was the latest April had gone into labour in all of her pregnancies. When she woke up with surges on and off, she had a feeling that was the day. Hypnobirthing, a long walk and an afternoon of resting later, the surges grew more consistent – it was time.

April wrote as part of the HuffPost Birth Diaries

When the doula and photographer turned up, I don’t think they could believe how far along I was because I looked so calm… My husband, meanwhile, kept reminding me to be present with my breath. We were all laughing and chatting normally as the pool was being filled up.

And the kids loved coming in and out – my little girl even had her own birthing ball and copied everything I was doing.

Badass Birth Photography Mum and DaughterBadass Birth Photography Mum and DaughterBadass Birth Photography

By 8pm, the labour intensified. Luckily, April had someone there to help her through.

April explained: 

I got in the pool and my little girl pottered in. ‘I want to come in, Mummy. I’ll go get my swimming costume!’ she declared. She put cold flannels on my back, which was where I felt discomfort the most. She was the best birth partner I could’ve had.

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