Four-Year-Old Treks Five Miles In -33C Temperature To Get Help For Dying Grandma

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Yury Darbaa

This four-year-old girl battled treacherous conditions to get help for her grandma, in an incredible show of bravery. 


The tiny tot plucked up the courage to trek five miles in unbearably cold temperatures of -33c to the next Siberian village, in a desperate bid to save her grandma.

Saglana Salchak discovered her grandmother cold and lying motionless in their home in the desolate and freezing Russain Republic of Tuva, the Telegraph reports.

Her grandad sent the small child out into the perilous Siberian conditions, with the threat of fearsome animals lurking, to find medical help for his wife.


The little girl set off at the unholy hour of 6am and showed unshakeable courage as she trekked along a frozen river in wolf-ridden surroundings, for three hours to get help.

The whole journey was incredibly dangerous and could’ve cost the young girl her life, as she was at huge risk of being attacked from a number of vicious creatures including big cats and snow leopards.

A resident said:

It’s surprising that wolves didn’t attack her. There’s loads of them here and they regularly attack cattle.

Sadly, her grandmother didn’t make it, as medics announced she had died from a heart attack, although young Saglana was extremely lucky, having survived the trip with only a bout of hypothermia.

Despite Saglana’s bravery, the authorities at the Republic of Tuva’s Office of Investigations are looking into the girl’s mother, as she placed her daughter in grave danger allowing her out in such conditions.

Yury Darbaa

Child welfare authorities are also said to be looking into the case and if she’s found guilty of endangering her daughter and elderly parents’ lives, she could be fined or face prison.

Although it’s a real shame her grandma didn’t make it, Saglana was so brave to tackle those elements and successfully find help for her family.

What a hero.

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    This 4-Year-Old Trekked 5 Miles In -33C Temperature To Seek Help For Her Dying Grandmother