Free Holidays Offered to Grenfell Tower Firefighters


The firefighters who worked on tackling the tragic Grenfell Tower blaze have been offered free holidays across Europe by hundreds of strangers.

The kind-hearted members of the public have offered their holiday homes to those affected by the tragedy.

The survivors have also been offered the free holidays, which include places like Spain, France, Cyprus and Britain.


The Grenfell Tower Holiday Appeal was launched by Angie Mays and her friend Kay Gilbert to help the survivors and the heroic firefighters who rushed to their aid, reports the Evening Standard.

Angie said:

I’m so happy that firefighters are using the appeal, I only hope in time that they are able to come to terms with what they have experienced that night and after.

I only hope our appeal offers them some comfort and respite from their experiences, giving them time to switch off their minds and relax.


It’s reported that one firefighter has already taken up the offer and is set to go to a cottage in West Yorkshire later this month.

Angie is hoping that survivors are ready to take up the offer in the future as she feels it may be too soon since the fire.

She continued:

It’s probably too soon to be talking about things like that now – it’s too raw.


The Communities and Local Government secretary, Sajid Javid has admitted victims were failed by the state and the fire simply should not have been possible.

He said:

There may have been failures by individuals, failures by organisations and failures of public policy at all levels stretching back several decades.


It was revealed earlier this month that the victims of Grenfell Tower are still having rent taken out of their bank accounts.

Our thoughts remain with those affected by this tragedy.