Friends Fans Shocked Because Emma Is Turning 18 Next Year



Eagle-eyed Friends fans have noticed Emma – the daughter of our favourite on-again, off-again, and then on-again romance, between Ross Geller and Rachel Green – would be turning 18 today in the fictional realm of the six friends, and needless to say, they’re shook by the inevitable passage of time.

So, hold the birthday tears, Joey, and stop bargaining for eternal youth with God, because we’re going to be taking a deep dive into, The One Where Emma Turned 18.

In news bigger than when she got off the plane, fans of the beloved sitcom have been left bleary-eyed by the realisation Ross and Rachel’s daughter Emma, would turn 18 next year.

One fan sparked the realisation with a tweet posted after she’d watched The One With The Cake, which you might remember features Emma blowing out a candle on a genital-shaped sponge turned into a bunny by her resourceful dad.

Baby Emma – the youngest member of the cast until the twins come along in the final ever episode – turns one in the fourth episode of the tenth season.

Beauty and lifestyle blogger and life-long Friends fan, Lucy, pointed this out on Twitter:

Ok so I was watching Friends last night and Ross was filming a tape for Emma’s 18th birthday and Chandler says the line ‘Hi Emma. It’s 2020. Have you woken up from your nap yet?’

And it’s just dawned on me that 2020 is NEXT YEAR. Emma would be 18 NEXT YEAR.

It was the tweet that launched a thousand ‘shocked’ GIFs from the Friends archive:

Thanks to Lucy, there’s now been a Friends Twitter-wide call for a reunion episode to celebrate Emma’s 18th birthday, when it happens in 2020.

No doubt, it’d be a great episode. Predictions welcome in the comments. My guess is Joey would try and hit on Emma and hilarity would ensue with the return of Red Ross.

It would, of course, be titled The One Where Emma Turns 18 And The Cast Reunite Giving The Fans What They Want, Need, And Deserve. Work in progress.

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Don’t be a Joey.

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Meanwhile, in the far less interesting real world, the twins who played Emma are now 16. Noelle and Cali Sheldon are still acting too.

They’re starring next in Jordan Peele’s hugely anticipated new movie Us, as part of an all-star cast which includes Elisabeth Moss, Lupita Nyong’o, and Winston Duke.

But they haven’t forgotten their child acting roots, apparently:

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The one where Emma got cloned

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In other Friends nostalgia news, Cole and Dylan Sprouse – the twins who played Ross’ son by Carol – have inevitably all grown up too because time stops for no child star.

In fact, Cole and Dylan are both 25-years-old, which is the exact same age as Jennifer Anniston when she first filmed the programme’s pilot as Rachel Green, their fictional future step-mum.

FYI, Courtney Cox is now older than her old flame, Richard, was on the show, and apparently this is a lot for fans on Twitter to process.

Isn’t it funny how times flies when you’re in the company of friends… Feel free to rehash old episodes on Netflix to try to get your head around how old we all are now. I’M FINE.

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