Friends Monopoly Now Exists And It’s Amazing

by : Tim Horner on : 01 Apr 2018 17:45
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Friends has seen a resurgence of late despite never leaving our screens, heading to Netflix, and now you can recreate The One Where Everyone Hates Each Other with your bezzies with this totally rad Friends Monopoly.

Yeah, ‘rad’ was a word in the 90s, not really a Friends term, but a 90s one nonetheless.


Crank up and put The Rembrandts’ I’ll Be There For You on repeat for the next eight hours because after a good session of this popular board game based on the popular TV show, you’re really going to need some encouragement to keep you from wanting to never see each other again.


The board dropped on The Works website just a few days ago and is available for £29.99.

You can stop off at your favourite locations from the show, the only downside being you’ll have to get your own Joey special if you’re getting the pizzas in.


Will you be a Ross kind of player and marry everyone, a Monica and be fat-shamed in your youth or perhaps a Joey and make somewhat rum, dated misogynistic chat up lines. Or maybe a slightly transphobic game plan like Chandler Bing.


If like me you’re less of a people person and prefer your board games based on animals then take a look at these.

Available on Amazon for £39.99 with free UK delivery, Dog Opoly ‘celebrates our four-legged friends’ and is ‘a tail wagging good time’ which has sold me harder than the last time someone pretended to throw a stick.


Everyone knows the rules of Monopoly so I’ll only say ‘Sit!’ once – instead of places, you buy dogs, you get $200 for passing Go Fetch and instead of going to jail, you might wind up in the kennel.

Hobby Games/Amazon

Dogs not your thing? Shut the front door – sorrynotsorry – there’s also a Horse-Opoly if you’re of an equine persuasion, available for £28.98 and get this – if you think dogs are stupid and horses are animals that should live in the countryside along with the cows and the sheep, Cat-Opoly is available for those of us with more refined animal tastes, though it’ll set you back over £50.

The reviews for the Dog and Horse-Opolies are pretty bang on too:


Brilliant. We already had horse opoly and this is equally as much fun. Well worth the money for the hours of fun we have had with our grandson.

Slight twist on the original game of monopoly – different enough to make it a good game with the principal being the same. The playing pieces are made from metal not the usual plastic which is lovely, and all the names are different.

Hobby Games/Amazon

Sign me up for all three!

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