Full Body Blanket Suits Exist And You’ll Never Need Normal Clothes Again

by : Emily Brown on : 01 Dec 2018 17:10
Full body blanket suitFull body blanket suitVillage/Vanguard

Full body blanket suits are a thing and lounging around the house just reached whole new levels of comfort. 


If you’re thinking ‘full body blanket suit’ is just a longer way of saying ‘onesie’, well you’re basically correct, but this particular garment is actually made out of blankets.

The suit boasts two layers of ‘luxurious blanket fabric that is smooth and comfortable’ to ensure optimum cosiness, and the spacious design means you can throw it on right over your clothes and never be cold again – even if you do resemble a laid-back ninja.

While it’s technically designed for gamers, I’ll be damned if my lack of Fortnite or Red Dead Redemption knowledge stops me from getting my hands on one of these.

Full body blanket suitFull body blanket suitVillage/Vanguard

The hood of the blanket is conveniently designed to accommodate for wearing headphones, while a nifty hand cover ensures your fingers don’t get cold while you’re operating the mouse or keyboard.

Everyone uses mice and headphones, there’s no need to limit the blanket suit to gamers. I think it will make the perfect Christmas present for people who are always cold – aka, me.

Full body blanket suitFull body blanket suitVillage/Vanguard

The site description reads:

Many gamers suffer from cold hands while holding the mouse or controller in cold season game play. Dame garment 4G adopts its own glove system called “variable mittens” to protect gamers’ fingertips.

Variable mittens don’t hinder the delicate movements of the fingertips, and headgear can be fitted with earphones while wearing the hood.

According to the style of the game being played, you can adjust the exposure level of the fingers and change the form freely.

Full body blanket suitFull body blanket suitVillage/Vanguard

As well as the hood and mittens, there’s all sorts of other pockets and adjustable flaps to accommodate for even the pickiest of customers; the designers have really covered all the bases.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to be fully covered but doesn’t enjoy having their feet restricted then there’s little sock sections which can be pulled back to free your little piggies, and the jacket zips right up to cover your mouth and nose, allowing you to shrivel into your own world of warmth once the hood is up.


Of course, a main concern with full body suits is being able to quickly remove yourself from them when you need a wee – while still being careful enough to avoid accidentally dipping the hood into the toilet water.

Luckily there’s no need to worry about getting a soggy suit here though, as there’s a handy bum flap to make going to the bathroom in a full blanket an easy experience.

Full body blanket suitFull body blanket suitVillage/Vanguard

The product is advertised by Village/Vanguard, and there are some keen hopefuls out there hoping to make the full body blanket suit their own as soon as possible.

One person wrote:

I need one of these.. It even has something to keep my icy fingers warm!

Though another person pointed out the impact the suit had on expectations versus reality of inventions over time:

1900s: There will be a flying car
2018: Blanket Jacket

Still, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad invention. We obviously just have a greater need for warm blanket suits than flying cars. I’m okay with that.

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