Furious Guy Told He’s ‘Cheap’ By Ex’s Friend Using His Netflix Account

by : UNILAD on : 05 Jan 2019 18:47
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Somehow, I’ve never had to pay for Netflix as my dad, boyfriend, or one of my mates has always just let me use their account.


And I know this makes me somewhat cheap, and lucky, but they’re happy, I’m happy, and I’d never call them ‘cheap’ if they decided one day to stop paying for the streaming service.

But this is exactly what one person called their mates’ ex-boyfriend when he swapped bank accounts, meaning they could no longer access his Netflix account.

Reddit user ‘The_Duff’ shared screenshots on the website of a conversation he had with a mate of his ex-girlfriend’s, who was upset they could no longer access his Netflix account.


Not only had they been using his account secretly for years without him knowing, but now they were complaining because it wouldn’t let them log in.

Messaging the guy on WhatsApp asking ‘hey have you paid your Netflix account’, the person than had to let the unknown Reddit user know who they were and why they were asking that question.

Understandably, he wasn’t impressed, and replied saying:

I haven’t spoken to you in years… how and why do you have my Netflix details?

You have got to be f*cking kidding… I’ll be changing my password right away. You are not using my account anymore. I can’t believe the cheek of it. Lose my number please.

Things then escalated as the person responded by bluntly saying: ‘whatever, you can’t even afford the £10 haha [sic]’.

The guy was then quick to point out the irony of the person telling him this, when they’d been using his account for free for over two years.

cheap netflix accountcheap netflix account@The_Duff/Reddit

Despite the guy point blank refusing to let them use his Netflix account ever again, it didn’t stop them from begging, saying ‘I have nothing to do tonight and really want to watch Netflix’.

This was the last straw for the Reddit user who replied back saying:

then pay for your f*cking own, done with this now… blocked. [sic]

It didn’t end there, they replied saying: ‘[friend’s name] was too good for you cheap c**t’.

Ermmmmm aren’t you the one refusing to pay for your own account?

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    Friend of my Ex has been using my Netflix details without my knowledge for years. Calls me cheap!