GB News Viewers Left Stunned After Bizarre Defence Of Prince Andrew

by : Cameron Frew on : 16 Jun 2021 13:29
GB News Viewers Left Stunned After Bizarre Defence Of Prince AndrewPA Images/GB News

GB News is off to a flying start: anti-lockdown ranting, ‘Mike Hunt,’ and now, Lady C defending Prince Andrew. 

The Fox News-inspired, ‘right-leaning’ news channel has been the subject of mockery ever since its launch just three days ago, if for issues as simple as typos and meagre production values. Some have compared it to a fictional news station within a movie, if not a low-budget TV drama.


During Dan Wootton’s evening show yesterday, June 15, he discussed Prince Andrew’s impact on the Royal Family after being accused of engaging in sexual activities with a minor during his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.


He asked I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! star Lady Colin Campbell for her opinion on how much the Duke of York has damaged the Royals with his association to Epstein, the late sex offender and paedophile – however, she took issue the latter descriptor.

‘Well first of all, may I say… paedophile is a medical term, so is hebephile [an adult sexually attracted to pubescent children] and so is ephebophile [an adult sexually attracted to older children]… so he was an ephebophile,’ she argued.


Hinging a defence of Epstein on the technicalities of paedophilia could be the most unnecessary point anyone has made on GB News thus far. Wootton then urges her to agree he was a ‘bad man… a dodgy character, not someone Prince Andrew should have been associated with,’ and asks again what she’d say to those who believe he’s done more damage than Harry and Meghan.

‘I hear what you’re saying, I see where you’re coming from with it, I see where they’re coming from with it… but you know, as with these things, everything is layered and measured, everything should be viewed proportionately,’ she says, in a stream of empty statements.


‘Let’s remember, Bill Clinton, who is a far bigger name and a far heavier hitter on the world stage, was a far greater friend and for far longer than Prince Andrew… the New York attorney general has been going after Prince Andrew because they are effectively political appointees in America,’ she continues.

‘It’s not like here where an attorney general is a legal appointee. They’re playing politics. Prince Andrew is to a large extent a distraction so Bill Clinton will actually be kept out of the frame,’ Lady C adds.

Wootton then clarifies Clinton has denied any inappropriate behaviour in his past relations with Epstein.

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