The Ridiculously Awkward Moment A German Grandma Keeps Toasting Hitler

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We all have an elderly relative that may occasionally overstep the mark with something they say, but they’ve got nothing on this German granny…

This short clip captures the awkward moment a grandma got a little confused during a family meal at a busy restaurant and raised a glass to Adolf Hitler. As you do…

The elderly lady appears to propose a toast to Germany’s former dictator, before raising her glass and shouting at the top of her lungs: “Heil Hitler.”

If that wasn’t already enough, she innocently proposes the toast for a second time. Understandably, the family can’t stop laughing, but the gran doesn’t recognise her mistake.

Kalman Mikorka/YouTube

She manages to hold it all together and do it a third and final time, before the video is cut off.

It’s thought the video was filmed around Christmas time and has already been viewed thousands of times on YouTube since it was uploaded four days ago.

Kalman Mikorka/YouTube

You don’t know whether to laugh or cringe. Probably a bit of both is best…