Ghost ‘Caught Closing Door’ In Eerie Footage From Abandoned Fort In Hampshire

by : Lucy Connolly on : 13 Jul 2020 17:15
Ghost 'Caught Closing Door' In Eerie Footage From Abandoned FortKennedy News and Media

The ‘spirit of a caretaker’ has been caught on camera closing a heavy door at an abandoned fort, a ghost hunter is claiming.

Tony Ferguson and his colleague Paul Cissell visited the abandoned fort in Gosport, Hampshire, last Sunday, July 5, along with their faithful spirit-hunting dog Sam.


The pair were investigating the fort after hearing claims from others that the cell doors inside often close, seemingly by themselves, and they weren’t disappointed when they arrived.

You can watch the eerie footage below:


The footage, which was captured mid-afternoon, shows the metal door closing in an empty corridor before shutting with a loud ‘clunk’. Tony and Paul can then be seen on camera trying to debunk what had happened.


The two men had left the camera running on the corridor before going off to explore another area. They were in another part of the fort when Sam – who tags along with the pair when they investigate haunted locations – ‘picked up that the door was banging’ and led them to the scene.

Once there, they watched the hour-long footage when ‘all of a sudden [the door] moved and clicked in’. 35-year-old Tony described it as a ‘real shock’, especially as prior to the movement there was ‘nothing going on’, no wind, no sounds, nothing.

Ghost 'Caught Closing Door' In Eerie Footage From Abandoned FortKennedy News and Media

The pair are now convinced the closing of the door was a supernatural act caused by a former caretaker, whose spirit is believed to have remained in the fort to carry out the same duties he did when he was alive.


‘It’s not a violent act,’ Tony, a personal trainer from Southampton, said. ‘It’s almost like someone’s thought, “that door shouldn’t be open so I’m going to close it”. It’s clear someone is taking their job very seriously from beyond the grave.’

Tony continued:

The caretaker is not shutting the door on anyone in a nasty way. If you were to shove that door and run the ‘clunk’ when it shut would be much louder, but instead it’s very gently shut as if someone was just pulling the door to.

Ghost 'Caught Closing Door' In Eerie Footage From Abandoned FortKennedy News and Media

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Paranormal investigators Tony and Paul used a night vision camera to capture the footage as the fort is quite dark, despite them visiting the abandoned building in the daytime.

The good thing about using such a camera, Tony explained, is that you can clearly see the wooden door further down the corridor not moving. ‘It shows it wasn’t caused by a draft,’ he said.

Not only that, but the fact you can’t see any shadows – aside from the door’s, of course – proves this was a supernatural incident, Tony claimed, adding: ‘If there was anybody in that room a shadow would be cast from that window.’

To prove this, Tony went back the next day and stood in front of the doorway to see if a shadow would be cast. ‘My shadow was cast there straight away,’ he said.

Ghost 'Caught Closing Door' In Eerie Footage From Abandoned FortKennedy News and Media

Tony explained:

We’ve been there a couple of times before and went this time to debunk reports of doors shutting on their own. I thought to myself, ‘it’s not going to happen, it’d be too much of a coincidence if it did’.

It’s an old heavy cell door made of steel, it’s not a light one, and was pushed right back flush against the wall. Whatever did close that door, it must have had some force to do it.

There was nothing wrong with the door. I even pulled it half-way open to see if the hinge would force it shut but it didn’t move, it just stayed still.

Ghost 'Caught Closing Door' In Eerie Footage From Abandoned FortKennedy News and Media

This was the pair’s third visit to the abandoned fort, with Tony saying they’ve ‘had so many captures’ there. Not only have they witnessed the door closing, but they’ve heard footsteps and even ‘disembodied voices’, he claimed.

And although he was initially ‘quite surprised’ when he first visited, Tony said these incidents can be explained by ‘the caretaker carrying out his normal duties’.

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