Ghost Hunter Family Buy The Real Life Conjuring House

by : Julia Banim on : 21 Jul 2021 18:56
Ghost Hunter Family Buy The Real Life Conjuring House@madison.heinzen207/TikTok

It’s one of the scariest films ever made, and many of us wouldn’t even dare so much as step inside the home that inspired it.

However, a steady-nerved family of ghost hunters have just done what even the most hardened of horror fans would cower from: they’ve actually gone and bought The Conjuring house.


Now, this isn’t the house that appears in the movie, although it looks quite similar in places. This is the real Rhode Island farmhouse where the petrified Perron family were supposedly tormented by evil spirits back in the 1970s, with Andrea Perron later describing the home as ‘a portal cleverly disguised as a farmhouse’. Basically, this is the real deal.

Check it out below:


Taking to TikTok, Madison Heinzen opened up about some of the understandably horrified reactions she and her family get when people find out where they live.

In subsequent videos, Madison shows her fascinated followers around the notorious house, revealing in one vid that she had heard ‘footsteps’.

Rather than leg it out of there like many of us would have done, Madison appears very much at home in her unusual abode, making various comical videos where she jokes about the building’s dark reputation.


One follower shuddered:

Ayo watch out for the top of that dresser.

Another said:


Bae I can’t sleep without my lights on anymore and you’re living in the HOUSE.

Find out more about Madison and her unusual home here.

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Madison Heinzen/TikTok
  1. Madison Heinzen/TikTok