Giant Sinkhole Opens Up Outside UK Home, It’s F*cking Terrifying

by : UNILAD on : 14 Mar 2016 13:36

This is definitely something you wouldn’t want to happen only yards from your home, that’s for sure.


A massive sinkhole has opened up in Cornwall, only metres away from someone’s house.

Mark Thomas/YouTube

Mark Thomas captured footage via drone which shows a giant 300ft-gaping hole right next to a bungalow in Scorrier- an area with a history of mine workings.

It apparently appeared after a huge mineshaft collapsed right next to the property.


Mark Thomas wrote:

A massive mineshaft opens up under a garage at a house in Scorrier near Redruth in Cornwall. This shaft is truly massive and is approximately 300ft to water and god knows how deep from there!

Cornwall has a fair few abandoned mines, so every so often the old mineshafts create dangerous sinkholes.

Since experts started drilling to explore the depths of the mine, half a garage and a patio have disappeared into the hole.


So I can’t imagine them being able to sell on this house anytime soon.

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