Giant Skull Chair With Movable Jaw Is Must-Have For Halloween


Halloween lovers, horror-film fanatics and haunted house enthusiasts, gather round. You might not have thought there’d be a chair created just for you but this giant skull is here to prove you wrong. 

With the spooky season fast approaching, skeletons, spiders and fake blood are starting to appear all over the place as Halloween decorations pop up in shops and supermarkets.

For the most part, it’s all stuff most of us have seen before and no doubt already have packed away in boxes, ready for the annual display. Alternatively, if you’re really fond of all things ghoulish, you might already have them hung around your home.

This giant skull chair from Etsy store ChicsinDesign, however, allows Halloween lovers to achieve a whole new level of spooky. Rather than displaying the bony decoration on a table or in the window, you can become one with the skull by snuggling up inside it.

Admittedly, sitting in the jaw of a skeleton doesn’t sound like the comfiest position but thankfully the chair is made from fabric, rather than bone.

Rather than printing the image of the skull onto the chair, the fabric covers are knitted with coloured wool to create the design. The chair measures 84cm x 75cm x 97cm, making it just big enough for an adult to relax in, and the covers are washable so you don’t have to worry about messing up your new favourite chair.

The bottom jaw of the skull acts as the seat of the chair, while the skull and upper jaw can be moved to create the back. Once you’re settled in, you’re seated right in the mouth of the skeleton.

Whenever you’re not hanging out in the freaky furniture the skull can be closed to conceal the seat, so as well as acting as the perfect Halloween accessory it can be used to scare any friends you might have stopping by for a visit.

Obviously, having a chair this awesome doesn’t come cheap and at $449 (£360) it’s a big investment, but it definitely wouldn’t ever go out of style. Plus there’s free shipping worldwide, so at least that’s a bonus.

The giant skull chair is probably a lot of people’s dream decoration, though it might have to remain a dream unless you have $449 to spare. Still, you could use it as inspiration to save up some money before Halloween actually rolls around!

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