Giant Tarantula Sends London Tube Passengers Into Meltdown

by : UNILAD on : 05 Oct 2016 05:38

When you’re travelling on the underground in London, there’s a few things which are pretty much guaranteed. 


Sticky floors, the smell of piss and B.O. wafting through the carriages and the pure, unadulterated misery in the eyes of city commuters.

But one thing you don’t usually see en route to work is a massive tarantula just chilling out on the seat next to you.


This was the horrific reality for an unlucky few earlier this week, when controversial YouTube ‘pranksters’ Trollstation let a huge spider loose on a train.


The stunt begins with a man standing on a rammed train, before spotting the creature on his arm. He yells ‘Oh crap’, before trying to shake it off.


When it finally falls to the floor that’s when all hell breaks loose, as passengers flee in panic, standing on carriage seats and scream. One guy even tries to smack it with his briefcase.

The spider’s reign of terror on the tube finally comes to an end as it scurries across the top of a seat and the prankster scoops it up with his cap.


Well that’s given me just another excuse to never go on the underground.

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