Gigantic Toilet Rolls That Last A Month Are Now A Thing You Can Buy

Forever Loo RollCharmin

I don’t know about you, but toilet roll is one of those everyday items which just suddenly seems to vanish in my house.

One minute you’ve got a nice, plump, squish-able cylinder and the next you have a sparse cardboard tube with a bit of ragged tissue clinging to it.

Worse still, it’s always one of those bits I forget while I’m out on the big shop, meaning I always have to dash back in, bags in hand. But what if there was a loo roll which could roll you right through the month.

Forever Loo RollCharmin

Yep. Weary wipers may never again reach for toilet paper only to find their panicked hand flailing in thin air. Charmin have released jumbo sized toilet rolls guaranteed to keep your derrière sparkling all month long.

At 30cm in diameter and 2lbs, the Forever Roll is a sizeable beast and would look pretty darn formidable when placed next to your toilet duck and loo brush.

There is a staggering 1,700 2-ply sheets per roll, adding up to a total of 17m² (183ft²). It kind of looks like you could wrap up your entire house in it, mummy style, should you so want to.

The Charmin website currently has a $30 (£23.10) starter kit which includes three hefty rolls and a brushed-stainless-steel roll holder which can be either free-standing or wall-mounted.

Forever Loo RollCharmin

The reviews for the loo roll are looking squeaky clean, with some happy users even boxing them up as Christmas gifts. No doubt this will make for a favoured present after three days of turkey curry leftovers.

One satisfied customer declared:

I’m sure there will be giggles and numerous guffaws emanating from our bathrooms when my brutally honest family and friends first have the privilege of using our Forever Rolls LOL. I don’t care! I’m in love!!!

Another raved:

I’ll be honest. I bought a starter kit as a bit of a prank to surprise my fiance when he came home from work. Little did I know, this thing would be a LIFE changer.

I can’t remember the last time I changed the roll. The thing lasts forever. Changing the roll is not as annoying as it used to be, either. No more every-other-day changing the roll. I may grow old with the rolls I’ve purchased so far. We’re in this together, Charmin.

Forever Loo RollCharmin

What a rolly good idea.

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