Girl, 2, Sends Mum’s Nudes To Entire Contact List

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 17 Oct 2020 12:44
Girl, 2, Sends Mum's Nudes To Entire Contact ListKennedy News

A two-year-old girl accidentally sent nude photos of her mum to her entire contact list, including former colleagues, university friends and clients.

Emily Schmitt, 30, from Ohio, allowed her daughter Carysn to play with her mobile phone while she dried the toddler’s hair.


However, little did Emily know that Carysn had taken several photos of her bare bum and sent them to several people in what can only be described as a person’s worst nightmare.

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Emily didn’t realise what had happened until a colleague texted her thanking her for the nude. The mother then checked her Snapchat to find her daughter had sent the cheeky picture to 15 people.

She said:


I pulled Snapchat up to go to the sent stuff and there was probably 15 people that she had snapped that morning that I didn’t. It’s people I don’t talk to all the time. I was like, ‘Oh, there’s the guy I went to college with who had a crush on me,’ and, ‘Oh, there’s a past client of mine,’, ‘There’s an old co-worker.’

I didn’t know it went to everybody. I immediately responded to everybody and some responded back to say the picture they got was the ceiling, or a sideways picture of a kid’s foot.

Despite being completely mortified by the ordeal, Emily saw the lighter side of things, stating she was glad it was on Snapchat rather than by text.

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She added, ‘We’ve got to find the positives. It didn’t save and no one took a picture or screenshotted it. It’s gone forever. That’s a small comfort after everyone seeing my butt in the morning.’


Since the hilarious ordeal happened, Emily decided to share her story in a bid to make people laugh, and soon found out she wasn’t the only parent to have experienced something like this.

She explained: 

Everybody is laughing. I immediately posted it to Snapchat just because I wanted to apologise so everyone knew what happened if they got it.

99% of people are bursting out laughing because they know it could happen to them. Other people are sharing stories about how their toddler went on Facebook Live while they were naked. It’s not just me.

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Emily added that when she told her husband about what happened, he burst out laughing and said that he was disappointed it hadn’t been sent to him.

At least Emily managed to see the funny side of it all.

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