Girl Causes Couple To Break Up After One Simple Text Message

by : UNILAD on : 03 Feb 2017 12:45
Bianca Michelle

What started off as an innocent question soon escalated deep into awkward territory for this college student…


Bianca Michelle, an 18-year-old economics student from Houston, Texas, had a problem with her homework, so she text the guy who was meant to be helping her, but it ended disastrously.

Thinking nothing of it, Bianca asked her classmate for some notes to help with her group assignment, but the response she got back was completely unexpected.

Bianca exclusively told Unilad:

It’s an online class and we rarely meet. We had a group assignment and we were just exchanging some notes.

Bianca Michelle

Instead of being met with a cheerful reply and the transferring of her much needed notes, the guy’s girlfriends picked up his phone.

Bianca shared the excruciating encounter on Twitter, documenting the awkwardness of the situation which she believes led to the untimely break-up of the couple.

She posted:

Confused she wasn’t speaking directly to what she thought was her classmate, she tried to get to the root of the bizarre issue:


 But things got really uncomfortable:


So not only did someone else pick up the phone, but she ended up giving relationship advice to a person she’s never even met.

When asked about how she felt when the girl answered the phone instead of the classmate, she thought the girl had gone insane.

Bianca explained:

Yeah, I thought she lost her mind.

But I don’t know, it’s her boyfriends fault she’s crazy. I don’t blame her for being insecure really.

Bianca Michelle

Bianca said she was concerned she’d actually been responsible for the break-up of the couple, but clearly she won’t be spending too much time thinking about it all.

She said:

Nah, I’m trying to avoid contact with him now. The world may never know what happened with them.

I was really mad at first but after awhile I got really disturbed with the relationship dramas.

What a bizarre situation. There are so many questions. Why did the girlfriend answer the guy’s phone in the first place? Why hadn’t she already dumped him if she knew he’d cheated? Have they now broken up? Did Bianca finish her homework assignment? (She did).


We might not know for sure how it ended with the crazy couple, but it’s certainly not looking good for them.

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    More Plot twist: the boy who sits next to me has a crazy gf and I may have broke them up idk :-) but my assignment got turned in on time