Girl Exposes Older Classmate When He Gets Really Creepy In Her Messages


An 18-year-old student has won Twitter after she called out an older classmate for creepily hitting on her. 

Savannah Gibson, who is studying in College Station, Texas, and is originally from Houston, struck up a convo with a guy in class after she asked him a question.


Speaking to BuzzFeed, Savannah said she barely knew the bloke but they decided to exchange numbers so they could help each other out.

In need of some class notes, she decided to text him and what ensued can only be described as confusing AF.

After telling her he was drinking, he asked how she was. When she replied he accused her of making him feel like a ‘pervert’ because he was three years older than her.

When she shared the exchange it got a staggering amount of support, with her tweet being liked more than 315,000 times and retweeted by over 84,000 users.

Savannah Gibson/Facebook

She said:

At first I thought he was kidding and I laughed, then when I realized he was serious I was super confused and thought it was Twitter-worthy. I guess we were on different pages.

Savannah said she meant the tweet to be ‘harmless and funny’, but the guy in question didn’t take it that way. He texted her the following day and lets just say he wasn’t best pleased.

But funnily enough he hasn’t spoken to her about it face-to-face.

“He gave me some pretty nasty glares in class but other than that hasn’t spoken to me since,” she added.