Girl F*cks Up Massively When Drunkenly Facebook Stalking Boyfriend’s Ex

by : Tom Percival on : 27 Nov 2015 14:02
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We’ve all had a moment of weakness and checked in on an ex, or even facebooked a partner’s ex just to see how they compare, but let this cringey story be a warning about the dangers of creeping and drinking.


An anonymous girl confessed on subreddit r/tifu (Today I fucked up) that she “got super wasted” and tried to search for her boyfriend’s ex on Facebook. The girl was confused when she typed in her name, nothing came up so she searched over and over again and got nothing.


It was only the next day that she saw what she’d actually been doing is posting the girls name all over her wall.

Worse because she was hungover she didn’t have time to remove it before all her friends saw the posts. Her boyfriend then asked why she’d been spamming the wall with his ex girlfriends name, before joking that she probably shouldn’t drink and use Facebook.  Sound advice.


Reddit users had some helpful advice for the poor girl though.

Some was genuinely helpful.

fucking carlfucking carl

Others empathised with the poor girl.

holy shitholy shit

Some had their hearts in the right place, but didn’t quite think their solutions through.

plastc surgeonplastc surgeonReddit

While others pointed out that she may have framed herself.


Some asked the big questions.

did they likedid they like

Her last words in the confession were “Kill me.” We can sympathise.

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