Girl Gets Perfect Revenge On Cheating Ex By Editing Her Instagram Captions


Break-ups are rough. Getting cheated on is fucking awful but laughter is the best medicine, especially served with a side dish of sweet, sweet revenge.

One of the most brutal parts of a break-up is going through your social media and deleting all the pictures of your ex. It forces you to confront the happier times through a lens of rage and disappointment.

But this girl reclaimed the pain by deciding to leave the pictures up and re-brand them with hilarious captions instead, reports Distractify.

Seriously, check out these brilliantly re-captioned Instagram posts:


should’ve stabbed him in the heart while I had the chance…

We’ve kept her identity private to avoid the inevitable deluge of well-meaning Instagram stalkers. Because this girl is hilarious, although perhaps a little preoccupied with killing her ex…


I’m in the perfect position to strangle him…and if I would have known then that he was a cheater, I probably would have

Being cheating on is harsh as hell though and can be kind of humiliating. So this is the perfect way to turn the embarrassment and shame on the person who deserves it – the cheater.


His lip is full of dip and lies #yeeyee #lol

I don’t really get that one at all, to be honest, but her other captions are gold so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

It’s also awkward as fuck having to tell everyone online ‘omg what happened?’ when you change your relationship status.

But this method sort of allows them to find out for themselves, because you know your friends are stalking through your profile for clues.


He played me better than he played baseball #lol

I love this so much. It almost makes me wish I could rewind time to the pain of my last break-up and handle the whole thing like this… almost.